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Starting its renovation in 1998 by the Administrative Manager of Indigo Tourism, Mr. Omer Tosun; Museum Hotel started to serve officially in 2002 with . .
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Starting its renovation in 1998 by the Administrative Manager of Indigo Tourism, Mr. Omer Tosun; Museum Hotel started to serve officially in 2002 with the opening by the former Minister of Tourism, Erkan Mumcu.

Museum Hotel, located on an approximately 5000m² wide and “unique” area; is composed from the restorations of old ruins and wrecks as saved originally. Museum Hotel, with its each special and different 30 rooms, is also important for being the first luxury boutique hotel in 
Cappadocia region.
With its unique location, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the majors of the region such as Avanos, Goreme, Love Valley, Pigeon Valley, Red Valley and Mt. Erciyes from all its rooms, Restaurant, Terrace and Bars. Being aimed at to serve the best service to our eminent guests from the very first day, Museum Hotel is the primary choice of the big part of elite guests that are visiting the region.

Museum Hotel is one of the initiators in many respects;
Museum Hotel is realizing the first and the only hot water (thermal) drilling in Cappadocia.
It has been planned that, as a result of the continuing operations, the heating of the Museum
Hotel will be realized totally by the natural ways and a unique Thermal Wellness part will be
opened in our hotel that you can’t find anywhere in Cappadocia.
Museum Hotel saved many historical caves and stone houses, that tend to be destroyed;
with the careful and detailed restorations that had been carried out.
Museum Hotel has achieved many projects about the protection of historical artifacts with
its “Museum” concept and is still working on many others.
Museum Hotel supports the projects of many national and internation organizations mainly
as Rotary International.
Museum Hotel has achieved many public projects. Some of them are; donation for the
restoration of Sobesos Antique City, special projects for lonely and orphan children. The total
amount that has been collected from the “Walking Tour in the Morning” activity that you have
requested during your stay, will be used for supporting the lonely and orphan children of
Museum Hotel keeps the tradition and the culture of Cappadocia, that tend to be forgotten,
alive regarding to its concept and again continues to keep alive many forgotten tastes of
Cappadocia by serving them in its a lacarte restaurant Lil’a
Museum Hotel produces totally natural, pure, hormone free fruits and vegetables in its
ecologic garden and serves them to its precious guests.
Museum Hotel uses intensively “solar energy” which is
the symbol of pure energy. A great part of our need of
hot water and heating is met by the solar energy today
Internal and external illumination of Museum Hotel is
provided by the low energy lamps.
Museum Hotel gives extreme attention not to release
the waste into the nature.
Museum Hotel (and therefore Indigo Group) brings a
nature friendly type of Golf to Turkey with Cross Country Golf concept that it has developed.
The motto of this harmless type of golf is “wear pink, think green!”


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